Attention: In order for the abstracts to be accepted, it is mandatory for the author to register for the congress.

Poster Presentation Specification:

- The poster will be presented as an e-poster.

- There is no need for authors to print / print any documents while coming to congress.

- After the paper evaluations and acceptance phase, the template will be published from this page for the e-poster and the posters will be prepared according to the template.

- Poster owners do not need to make any prints, they will upload their posters electronically.

- E-posters should be uploaded to the system until April 20, 2018.

- You can upload your abstract by entering the code which is given to you while submitting or sent via mail automatically, in the box below.

- Your abstract code / codes will also be sent as an E-mail you have entered on the system, in a short time . If you do not receive the e-mail and can not find your abstract code, please contact us at eposter@motto.tc.

- Posters should be prepared in 30cm (Width) X 50cm (Height) sizes and in a VERTICAL POSITION.

- You can find poster templates below.


(Your poster design does not have to be the same with these examples, you can arrange the interior designs as you like)

Sample Poster Design :  (PPTX) (PDF) (JPG)

 While uploading the poster, only JPG format is accepted.

- Click here for the free site that you can use to convert your PPTX files into JPG format.

- Click here for the free site that you can use to convert your PDF files into JPG format.